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Graphic Designer,
Based in Hamburg,
Eye for Details &
Unconventional Ideas

Available for Collaborations

Created a range of products in food and beauty area.

Gives brands a strong impact by creating logos and concepts.

Gives every design a personal note by colorful illustrations.

About me
Laura Kümmel is a graphic designer based in Hamburg, Germany. She has experience in packaging and brand design. Her career started at Scholz & friends, in the advertisement. Then she started to work in several design agencies like Peter Schmidt Group and Brandcouture.
She was always fascinated by the impact of brands and is now passionate about creating them. Her work is influenced by an eye for details and unconventional ideas. She brings always a fresh and innovative output.
Brandcouture (Current position), Peter Schmidt Group (2017-2018), Scholz&Friends (2017)

Henkel (taft, Perwoll, Vernel, Bref, Persil), Rewe (Penny, Rewe Feine Welt), Feodora, Kaufland, Cosnova (essence), Edeka, Designxport
*For the contractual purpose, it is not allowed to show these projects. Contact me, if you want to see my portfolio.